Caring For Your Hair During The Pandemic

For almost two months, the majority of U.S. workplaces have closed or shifted remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While millions ran to the stores for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, food and water, others went to their barber or hairstylist for one last trip before they closed. I definitely was one of them.

While I've worked at law firms for most of my career, I've also always had a passion for haircare. For years I was frustrated by the unhealthy products and harmful practices propagated by the haircare industry and set out to change that. So, in 2010, I launched my own line of hair products to promote healthy hair growth using natural ingredients. My mission has been to develop quality haircare products as well as provide education and sound advice to people with all hair types.

I've always understood that getting your hair done is not just a part of your beauty regimen, but it's also a form of self-care. During this unprecedented and stressful time, keeping your hair maintained and healthy is beneficial for your mental health and self-esteem. However, as weeks pass by, many people have had to put off weekly or monthly trips to the barbershop or hair salon. With our normal routines interrupted, people are taking haircare into their own hands.

The stay-at-home order has exposed the natural hair texture and color for many men and women and has left others less groomed than normal. What was once a simple and standard routine has now contributed to a major loss of self-confidence during the shutdown. With so much of the country working from home, we still want to look our best when we see ourselves in the mirror or on our Zoom calls with friends, family and coworkers. While your haircare experience may not be the same as with your favorite stylist or barber, there are ways to bring some normalcy into your beauty regime and make you feel more confident.

Here are some tips when it comes to caring for your hair while quarantining at home:

  • Do not cut your own hair. Wait to see a licensed professional to avoid your hair looking worse.
  • Call your hairstylist. Don't hesitate to call your hair stylist who would much rather talk you through a temporary process than have to fix your hair later after the damage was done.
  • Make tiny trims if necessary. Trim your hair in small sections with hair-cutting shears.
  • Watch DIY YouTube tutorials. Desperate times call for desperate measures. DIY tutorials are all over social media. Pick one to help you through your hair woes.
  • Give your hair a rest. This is a great time to give your hair a break from daily styling and frequent processing.

COVID-19 may have changed our routines, but that doesn't mean it has to change the way we feel about ourselves. For all the chaos that the pandemic has caused, it has also created opportunities for us to experiment with our hair.  Just because we're working from home doesn't mean we can't look as presentable and professional as ever.