Strategic Partners

Since our inception, the Firm has prided itself on being an incubator for entrepreneurship both in and outside of the legal industry.  As a result, the Firm has affiliations with additional business entities to better enhance the overall value we bring to our clients.  Through our tangential businesses, we continue to increase our commitment to entrepreneurship, especially among members of diverse groups, and across a myriad of industries. In conjunction with these subsidiaries, we share our experiences and address the many areas where our clients can grow and benefit from enhanced business strategies as well as access to opportunities specifically available to them. These affiliate businesses are also certified as a women business enterprise by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (“WBENC”) as is Griesing Law.

GM-Full-color-Logo@3x-e1561830799980GriesingMazzeo Leadership is passionate about helping everyone from entrepreneurs to executives build a powerful presence through professional coaching. We offer one-on-one executive coaching for individuals as well as strategic coaching for businesses.  Beyond that, we’re operations-obsessed. Employee recruitment, diversity initiatives, and performance management is our bread and butter, which is why we act as an outsourced human resources department for small to midsize businesses. We work with clients all over the United States in both coaching and business solutions capacities. Discover how we can set you and your company on the path to success. 

Bossible is the go-to strategic partner for branding, marketing, and business development services. We know that promoting yourself or your business is not always easy, but we’re experts at getting you the attention you deserve. Whether you’re making a career shift, launching a new venture, or growing an established business, we provide the tools to build a brand name, gain exposure in your industry, and reach your professional goals.  We’re the thought leader of thought leaders, striving to help you.