Celebrating Inclusion and Empowerment: The History and Significance of Disability Pride Month


In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the recognition and celebration of diverse identities.  Among these honorary celebrations is Disability Pride Month, which takes place every July and commemorates the 1990 enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a legislation that revolutionized the rights of individuals with disabilities. 

On July 26, 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a legislation providing comprehensive civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities and prohibiting the discrimination of those individuals in public accommodations, employment, and more.  The enactment of the ADA ignited a sense of pride and unity in the disabled community and led to the first Disability Pride Day which was held in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990.  The first Disability Pride parade was held several years later in Chicago.  Today, Disability Pride parades are held in several cities across the United States as well as in South Korea, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

The importance of Disability Pride Month is significant.  First and foremost, it aims to foster a sense of self-acceptance and empowerment among individuals with disabilities by encouraging them to embrace their unique identity while dispelling the narrative of pity and marginalization that has so long overshadowed their contributions to society. Additionally, Disability Pride Month serves as an opportunity to increase awareness and educate the public about disability rights, equality, and accessibility. 

Throughout Disability Pride Month and in support of the mission, various events such as parades, festivals, workshops, conferences, and panel discussions take place to promote awareness and honor the significance of disability pride. Several local communities, organizations, and businesses organize these events to demonstrate the talents and achievements of individuals with disabilities as well as raise awareness about the importance of an inclusive world.

This July, I challenge you to celebrate the strength, resilience, and unique talents of individuals with disabilities. As we celebrate this month, let us reflect on the progress our society has made while continuing to acknowledge the work that needs to be done to create a world where disabilities are celebrated every day.